BBQ Party Rentals for Corporate and Backyard Events in GTA and Durham

Planning a BBQ party? The Decor Guys have you covered, whether it's for an office/corporate event or a private backyard gathering. We offer a comprehensive range of BBQ party rentals to make your event a sizzling success. Our services include:
  1. BBQ Machines:
    High-quality BBQ machines for grilling perfection, suitable for both small backyard BBQs and large corporate events.

  2. Propane Tanks:

    • Ensure your BBQ runs smoothly with our reliable propane tank rentals, providing the fuel needed for a delicious feast.
  3. Chairs and Tables:

    • Comfortable seating and stylish tables to create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for your guests.
  4. Tents:

    • Shelter your BBQ party from the elements with our selection of tents, available in various sizes to accommodate any space.
  5. Dinnerware:

    • Elevate your BBQ experience with our quality dinnerware, adding a touch of sophistication to your outdoor dining.
  6. Catering and Food Equipment:

    • Explore our catering services and food equipment rentals to ensure your guests are treated to delectable dishes and a seamless dining experience.
  7. Games and Other Entertainment:

    • Keep the party alive with our selection of games and entertainment options, perfect for both corporate and backyard BBQs.

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Why Choose The Decor Guys

At The Decor Guys, we proudly serve Toronto, Brampton, the entire GTA, Oshawa, and the expansive Durham Region. Our commitment to providing affordable and experienced BBQ party rentals extends across South Ontario and North Ontario. Whether you're in the heart of Toronto or the outskirts of Oshawa, our reliable services are designed to make your BBQ party a success.
Choose us for:

  • AffordabilityCompetitive pricing without compromising on quality.
  • Experience: Years of expertise in catering to a variety of BBQ events.
  • Last-Minute Rentals: Quick and reliable services, even for those spontaneous BBQ gatherings.

More About The Company: Based in Oshawa, The Decor Guys are proud to call South Ontario home. However, our services extend seamlessly to North Ontario, encompassing a wide service area that includes Toronto, Brampton, the entire GTA, and the expansive Durham Region. Our commitment to delivering top-notch event rentals is not bound by geography; we bring style and functionality to events across the province. With a focus on quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, we aim to make your events memorable and stress-free.

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