Mechanical Bull Rentals in Courtice

The Decor Guys have the #1 and most realistic looking Mechanical Bull in Courtice and Durham Region. Our experienced and trained staff will operate the rental to ensure safe experience.

You're gonna love it! Safety and cleanliness are super important to us. After every party, we clean and sanitize our equipment to keep things safe for everyone. Your safety is our top priority, and we never compromise on that.

We have completed 100's of party rentals in Courtice and Clarington area.

We Deliver to most cities in GTA, Durham and beyond. Please contact us for more details
We provide everything required for a mechanical bull setup - Bull, safety inflatable barriers, protective under mats, controllers, extension cords, music speaker, and an attendant.

What you need to provide:
Two outlets - one for the controller and the other for the inflatable.

Some of the places such as Darlington Provincial Park, Pebblestone Golf course does not have access to electricity where the setup is needed.
No access to electricity? No problem - We also offer generator rentals.

Important Note: Please check your local laws and park rules before booking as they often need additional documentation to allow inflatable and mechanical rides

Take a look at the video below to see our latest setup with the mechanical bull.

Affordable Mechanical Bull Rentals in Oshawa and Durham

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Mechanical Bull


Champion Generator 3500


Take a look at the video below to see the mechanical bull in action!

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  3. Simply use online live chat option. Our agents are available to provide information and guide you through your event.

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